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Will Modi Government be able to bring Indian workers trapped in Corona Virus to the Middle East?



Indian Workers: 2020 After a long lockdown time, the bay is seen moving again. The special thing at this time is that 90-year-old Thrasimma, who is a passenger, is going to Kochi.Under the lockdown of this corona epidemic, priority is being given to pregnant women, patients, elderly people, and laborers in trouble so that they can be brought back at the earliest. Some rules have also been made to bring people back from outside. To return, it is mandatory to first register at the nearby embassy.Passengers returning after registering are given a pass.Given the timing of the lockdown, those who have been stranded for weeks are nervous. 

What is the statement of three women trapped in Kuwait? Indian Workers

  • Look at the further information carefully.
  • Out of the people living in a camp in Kuwait, 3 women started crying while expressing their grief. During this statement, he saluted the Chief Minister Sir Jagmohan Reddy and said that we are stuck in Kuwait, what can I tell you, here all of us have been put together in one place. Where people infected with corona are also kept.
  • The occupation of guest countries has made arrangements for people to stay in schools, villas, and other places but those who have been out of jobs or whose visas have expired and who went to visit there, because of the lockdown Their number has increased greatly. Due to which people have been forced to live on the side of the roads.
  • Laborers trapped in a petroleum company in Abu Dhabi request the Modi government 1500 laborers working for a few days in a petroleum company in Abu Dhabi are trapped there and one of them has died, due to which the fire of anger has started in the laborers. The Modi government has requested that there should be a special flight for the laborers so that all of us Indians can return.
  • Mission Vande India The scheme to bring back migrants to the country has started from 7 May. On the first day, 354 passengers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai were taken to Kochi (in Kerala) and Kozhikode.
  • Due to unable to return people trapped in Kuwait camp People in Kuwait camp are unable to come back from there due to loss of passport, non-receipt of passport through sponsors, and expiry of the visa. Many do not even have the money to buy tickets.
  • Happily, flights to India are still going on, but the challenge of stopping the spread of this pandemic virus remains.
  • Which of the people trapped in the lockdown has been allowed to board? According to sources, it has been reported that only people associated with the Corona Negative are allowed to board the plane and the passenger will also have to go to Quarantine for 14 days after getting off the plane board. But meanwhile, two people who arrived in Kerala 2 days ago were found to be Corona positive.
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