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Indian Railways ran Passenger trains but would it be okay to travel in them?



Indian Railway ran Passenger Trains For the first time in India, 4200 cases have been reported in 1 day together and this figure is very large To date such a large number of coronaviruses did not come, but as the days are passing, the coronavirus continues to grow. The number of patients is increasing.

Indian Railways ran Passenger trains but would it be okay to travel in them?

  • At such a time, our Prime Minister has taken an important decision that all the working people trapped in different states in India should be left outside their homes.
  • For which the Prime Minister has ordered a total of 15 trains to run in India or 15 trains will help people from all states to leave their homes.
  • All the trains have been closed due to the lockdown in the whole country, but now as the day is passing, people are facing troubles and difficulties due to which our government has taken an important step.
  • There are many people who do not have money to eat and they want to go to their home and there are many people who have some money but that money is kept to go to their house, how long can a person stay hungry.
  • Lockdown 3.0 is not even finished yet and how has the government taken this important decision before. It has been decided to take 1700 passengers in place of 12 hundred in Shramik Special trains that together 1700 people can be left till their homes.
  • It must be in your mind that after all, how many days will this special labor train run and how many days it will not run, then let me tell you that at present, no train time and the table has been given by IRCTC but since the train, Since then its time table will be told.
  • Out of all these 15 trains, there will be some trains that will run every day, however, all the trains between the 12-hour route will run daily and will run from the time-table to the place reaching between 12 hours and 24 hours

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Source From:  BBC NEWS HINDI

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