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Corona Virus America | Due to the Corona Virus, there is less space for the funeral of the dead in America?



Corona Virus America 2020 In the US, due to the rain of krona, the places for cremation are also getting less, tombs are being built on the graveyard but the number of people who die from coronavirus continuously is increasing. Raising but still crying is not taking the name of stoppage.

  • Corona has come to America on the third stage and after surprising everyone, why not do it in India and then why not benefit? Watch this video for more information. In this video, you are shown that a patient who has more There is no special problem but it is having trouble breathing and due to which the kidneys have stopped working, the Solanki administration says that there is no need for personal protective equipment. Affairs are not will still find people who are not well.
  • Now all the doctors of America are also resorting to the above because the number of recoveries from this disease is decreasing very much and how more and more coronavirus continues to come every day due to which the medical system is completely filled There is no place for people, after all, where should they be treated, due to which people are sent back, those who are young people are brought to the medical system.
  • Mother’s doctors say that I want to be completely safe and the whole body should be covered, we are not just down, otherwise, we have less hope that we too can survive this disease.
  • People there are using dustbin bags, now you can think that what has happened to the medical system there is the worst condition going on.
  • The doctor of America says that the condition of us has become very bad, we have given up our sleep and are taking care of all the patients and there is very little chance that we can also become people.
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1 Comment

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