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9xmovies 2020: There is no person in the world who does not know about 9XMovieas9XMovies is a website where millions of people come to download movies

As the internet facility is increasing in the world, in this world of internet, the number of websites is increasing which provides a lot of convenience to the people but I can say that a kind of illicit work also increases. Is going.

You will also want to download movies from 9XMovies somewhere and now you will tell people how you can download movies from 9XMovies website, here you can not only download movies but you can watch movies online and you can see thousands of movies here. You will get to see videos, which you can take advantage of by visiting this website.

 It may be that a few days ago you were using the sites for downloading movies in it, but now these sites are not working, then you people must also think that where the websites have gone. So today we will talk about all these things and with them, I will tell you how you can download movies for free.

How to Download Movies From 9xmovies

You are not the only person who was downloading movies from this website, but millions of people used to come to this website to download movies, but now they are not able to download movies, then I am going to tell you How will you be able to download movies from this website, before I tell you about the downloading, let us know something about it. How does the business work? Who was getting all the people downloading movies for free, where did he go right away. Or why it is not visible in Google.

What is 9xmovies


This website was not only in the eyes of Google but according to the government and the film industry, Ilegal had been working, due to which the government after talking to the founder of the Google company has blocked this website by declaring it as illegal. The government should close this website because it was doing an illegal job because duplicate copying of any film and that too without asking the film industry will get you or the company blocked and up to 5000000 above the owner of this website Has been fined. If the owner of this website is caught anytime, he will have to pay a fine of 5000000.

New Link of 9xmovies Website

If you are looking for a new link to this website, then I will tell you, after all, who is the new link of this website, what is the new link and which name is also running in Google. Before I tell you about its new links before I tell you about some of its old list and its list, how many domains of this website have been blocked. I am going to tell you the name of some of its old domains from where it was downloading website movies.

  • 9xmovies.PW
  • Pro
  • Press
  • Proxy
  • Live
  • Online
  • VIN
  • Biz
  • Guru

How to Download Movies from 9xmovies New Website

If you think that you can download movies from this website, then I want to tell you one thing that there are many websites that download movies for free in the world. All of them do an Iligal work and under one legal, all their domains are blocked after a few days according to the order of the Government, so that you people get upset about where the main website of 9xmovies pw went.

Recently Leaked Movies from 9xmovies new website

This website has recently leaked many such movies which were also leaked to famous movies as soon as they were released.

I am going to tell you the names of some movies, if you like them, then you must watch all these movies once.

The Bollywood industry is infamous for the fact that if the actors are good in most of the stories, then the story of the film is not good and if the story of the film is good, then the actor has unnecessary action and dramas.

The Teskent File



Released on 12 April 2019, this film is neither a big money actor nor a strong producer in this film, but still, the film is considered to be no 1 according to the film released in 2019 on the basis of its content. The film earned 3 times more money than it had spent to produce this film

The story of this film is written about how the Second Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri died, when someone died, this film raised a question among the people that when the Prime Minister is not safe then how the general public of India is safe Could stay.




This film was released on March 1, 2019, as many people who had seen this film was praising all of them, but very few people had seen this film but whoever saw it only This film used to praise, it is such a film that if you watch then it leaves an impression in your mind, there is a very little film that leaves a mark in your mind after watching it. The film was based on a bandit named Chambal.

Most of you must have heard that the robber does not belong to anyone, he only looks at his stomach and does not make any sense to feed or empty others, but looking at this robber, it seems that this robber was really a human being, but what There is a compulsion that even a simple human being is forced to become a bandit. If you see this film, then believe me that you will like this film very much.

Super 30



This film was very much loved by the audience. It was released on 12 July 2019. The film is made on top of Patna’s famous Mathematics in Anand Jha, Joshi is based on the life of Anand Kumar, who hails from Bihar.

This film has been named after Super Thirty Coaching which is very normal coaching and how it becomes special coaching with some normal coaching will be seen in this film above anyone.

In this film, Hrithik Roshan won hearts with his acting from children to the elderly, you must have seen very few films in your age that have won everyone’s heart.


This film is such a film that no matter how much a person falls for his country, but after watching this film, saying that God will come out in stone also means that if you see this song, then patriotic film in stone also Get to see.


The songs of this film are based on a real-life how in this film some soldiers get killed by 10000 Afghan soldiers, that to you will get to see Akshay Kumar in this film only to keep the values of his country and religion, If you have played this very powerful role, you must have seen this film going to share, then you will have this film wandering in your mind even after getting out of Airtel. That he must have been out of Chaitra is still swirling in your mind.

Robot 2.0 full movies download

This is a film that everyone would love to see if you want to see the robot. Watch this film. This film is very bang. This film is based on Akshay Kumar and Jackie Shroff and this film are very popular Have liked if you have seen this film, then perhaps you are crazy about this film, this film has earned 5 times more money than the money you made with the new film.

Owner of 9xmovies website

Although the owner of this website has not been detected yet, a few days ago on 15 April 2017, the police arrested 5 people, one of them was suspected of being the owner of the website but after a few days After investigation, it was found that the honor of this website is none of these five but the owner of this website has not yet been detected. So that is why I am not able to tell you the name of the owner of this website correctly who is the honor of this website.

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9xmovies infograph


Not only in India but in any country if you piracy any original content. So it is considered illegal. And you may have to face some years of punishment for this. That is why if you want to download movies, then use some good websites because if you use these right websites then you may also face danger because you promote all these websites.



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