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Corona Virus Uproar in Pakistan over drugs of India, Imran Khan engulfed?



Corona Virus The biggest issue is getting medicine towards Pakistan going from India, although Imran Khan says that India is trying to mislead us, but if we look at the other side, there are many such medicines in India. 

Corona Virus

  • Due to which the life of Pakistan can be ruined if Pakistan closes all these drug companies, then Pakistan will not be able to fight against such terrible diseases. 
  • However, later Pakistan gave permission for the pharma industry to sell drugs in its country. 
  • At the Pakistan pharmacy press conference or by eating, it was told that if there is an import of medicines making medicines, then there will be a shortage of many essential medicines in Pakistan soon. 
  • The opposition party’s government Nawaz Sharif says that Imran Khan is deliberately forcing India’s pharmacy company to sell his medicine.
  • Although the demand for all drugs coming from India should be investigated, the manufacturer, on the other hand, says that the government of Pakistan is being misled.
  •  What is the association that if the import of drugs from India is stopped then the problem will increase in Pakistan, according to the report of Pakistan newspaper Dawn has asked its colleague Shehzade Akbar to investigate the matter? 
  • The newspaper claimed on the basis of all documents of the Ministry of Health Services that Pakistan was importing more than 450 medicines from India.
  •  Pakistan BCG polio and many technicians are importing such medicines from India Pakistan B1, B2 & B6 vitamins are also being imported from India.
  • The biggest thing is that if drugs are not imported from India, then it can be most dangerous for cancer patients because there is no company where Pakistan gets help.
  • Now Pakistan has alleged that the way India is giving medicines to Pakistan, in the same way, foreign exchange is giving Pakistan to India Corona Virus.

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Source From BBC News

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1 Comment

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