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Cyclone Amphan: how much and where is the risk of super



Cyclone Amphan: how much and where is the risk of super Cyclone Amphan, know full details

As the weather is constantly changing in different parts of our country in the coming days, the danger of a cyclonic storm is also looming on our heads. Stay tuned for complete information, so let’s know what is the secret of cyclone Amphan.

  • According to Indian Meteorological Department IMD, cyclone Amfan has taken the form of a super cyclone due to the stir in the Bay of Bengal, in view of which the alert information of heavy rain warning in Orissa and West Bengal has been revealed. So let’s know the important and big things related to the cyclone.
  • Let’s know where according to IMD will be the highest risk of the cyclone of this cyclone storm. IMD Director General Maha Mrityunjay Mohapatra said that there will be a high risk of a cyclone on the 20th and there will be a possibility of rain on the 19th and 20th.
  • According to IMD Director General Mahamrityunjaya Mahapatra (Director General), Indian cyclonic storm Amphan changed into a very severe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal around 2:30 pm Monday night, after which it would change to severe cyclonic storm in the next 12 hours. have hope.
  • According to IMD, cyclone Amphan can move northwards today and will cross West Bengal and Bangladesh coast between Bigha and Hathidah Island in the afternoon or evening on 20-5-2020.
  • When the Cyclone Amphan crosses between the two, its wind speed is estimated to be 240 to 265 km / h.
  • Where will Cyclone Amphan influence be found, then according to IMD Director General Mahamrityunjaya Mohapatra, according to what information Cyclone Amphan will have influence mostly in West Bengal and North Orissa? Its influence will remain in Kolkata, Hooghly, etc. districts besides West Bengal.

How much and how different is Cyclone Amphan from other cyclones?

Mahamrityunjaya Mahapatra said that all cyclones are unique. It first developed in West Bengal and is slowly recovering. The special thing about a cyclone is that it has no scope of dust, it causes rain and wind so that it can be called unique but its wind speed is definitely faster. With this we get more rain and strong wind.

Let’s know when such a storm or cyclone first came in India?

  • NDR SN Pradhan said that in October 1999, the super cyclone came to Orissa. He told that this super cyclone Amphan is similar to the super cyclone in Orissa, which came in October 1999, as well as that the wind speed of Amazon is also matching with the super cyclone in Orissa. That is to say, after 21 years, the super cyclone is coming again in the Bengal Sea.
  • Cyclone Amphan’s high speed, heavy rains, and other events can cause great harm to us. It is seriously discussed from governance to administration.
  • At the same time, our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting on Monday in which the cyclone that is being generated in the Bay of Bengal, in the evening, took stock of the preparations and also assured all possible help from our government.
  • In today’s information, that’s all, if you people have liked the information, then subscribe to our web and share it so that more and more people can become aware of it. As you go, one more thing will be said that if lockdown 4 is turned on, then stay at home and stay safe. We have to fight not to be afraid of Corona. Thank you.

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