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Dhoni pointed to retirement | because Dhoni is now old!



Dhoni Pointed to Retirement Constantly getting viral on social media or from Dhoni’s photo, it is coming out that now Indian cricket superman is getting old, yes I am talking about Dhoni’s picture on social media very fast for few days continuously. It is happening though that it had sent its photo on Twitter, due to which it is now becoming viral in the whole world that Dhoni has become old.

Dhoni pointed to retirement

  • After the lockdown, Dhoni has left a picture of him that looks like the old man and it has been said that Dhoni will no longer play in the cricket team, he is taking a sannyasin. 
  • It is true that if this epidemic did not happen in the world, then Mr. Dhoni would have been hitting sixes in the cricket field, but in the Downs, Dhoni is also spending time sitting at his house.
  • As you guys know, Dhoni has been away from cricket since the World Cup 2019.
  • Although it is also seen that Dhoni is not active on his social media but on the other hand his wife and children are constantly active on their social media, due to which his glimpse is sometimes seen.
  • In this way, Dhoni has gone on to be 38 years old, but 4 years ago, Dhoni had made his second picture viral on social media and it was told that Dhoni has become old and now Dhoni is in the Indian cricket team Won’t play.
  • Although you may also know that Dhoni is still considered the fittest player in India, if Dhoni gives such a message, then you can sleep the condition of Indian team cricket.
  • Now the thing to see will be whether Dhoni will depart from the field or his photos are becoming viral on social media Dhoni pointed to retirement.

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1 Comment

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